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Modern Interior Design

A thing of beauty is a joy forever - John Keats

Designing spaces that inspire and last
Quiet Wardrobes

Our wardrobes are designed to best suit your space and storage needs. They are configurable to adapt to finer requirements of your lifestyle.


Smart Kitchens

Kitchens are the heart of the home and needs to be designed with care. We offer a range of contemporary kitchen designs of all possible configurations. 


DIY Entertainment Units

Our entertainment units vary from simple to elaborate. We carefully balance your storage needs with the spatial aesthetics.


Personalized Work Stations

Irrespective of the lifestyle office spaces, there is always a need for a small work space within our homes. 


Complementing Units

All homes needs the organizer shelf. They are multipurpose and they are extension of your decor.


Lifestyle Products

Woodpeckers offers exquisite and hand-crafted furniture design solutions for home and offices.


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We specialize in ...

Interior and Space Planning
Manufacturing & Installation modular Units, 
Modular kitchens, Walk-in Wardrobes, Shelving Systems and other complementing units.
Lifestyle furniture

Our Services ...
Our Offerings spread across a wide array of business and customers. 
Reach us ...

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WOODPECKERS provides highly personalised services designed to meet the needs of their clients. They bring a great deal of experience and professionalism to everything they do. They are an absolute Value for Money.

- Client @ Mana Tropicale -

I was Hesitant if they would do projects in small budgets. What surprised me is that they asked my requirements first and tailored it to my budget. I could not have expected such commitment in my Budget. 

- Client @ Prestize Tranquility -

 There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” project. Each service they offer is intentionally and thoughtfully designed to match the specific needs that was provided to them. Excellent Execution.

- Client @ Hennur -


Carving Lifestyle Experiences since 2013

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